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A Short History of Make-Up

As long as history remembers man has used make-up. Even in prehistoric society, men believed that make-up would protect them like a shield during the hunting. The most ancient form of make-up that we know, is Tattoo. With the civilized societies, make-up took many different forms. In ancient Egypt, both men and women used make-up. The Romans made their eyes very dark and used a dangerous cream to remove all hair and wore wigs. Persians and Syrians used black make-up and gold powder for special occasion. And they wore their hair in ringlets.

In the Renaissance era, make-up became an obsession. The use of hazardous powders that contained elements like lead, zinc and copper became popular causing lesions on the skin. The cure for these lesions was beauty marks.

In the 17th century, the high society separated themselves from other classes by having very white skin and being very chubby, to the point where people with no cheeks used balls of wax to look plump.

With Louis the thirteenth, came the usage of wigs which became enormously popular by the time Charles the second became king.

In the beginning of the 20th century, the English and Americans suggested a ?Natural Style?, which did not last long with stars such as ?Marilyn Monroe?, ?Marlene Dietrich? and ?Gretta Garbo?. The way they used make-up revived the idea of the sensual woman and the feminine mystique.

From 1960?s, make-up has evolved basing itself more on the morphology of each individual. Many trends like Punk, Rock and the New-Wave have given men and women the chance to live out their fantasies. This indicates that the future of make-up holds many surprises.

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Absorbed in preening, a young man with

Absorbed in preening, a young man with

his hair line shaved to dramatize his

forehead applies powder to lighten skin

for the yaake dance.

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